Deep Rock Galactic

Weapon Sound Pack 2 for Deep Rock Galactic

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Published by Tenno_Skoom (mod ID: 2241118)



For those who liked the SFX replacements I've made and wants to minimize the number of mods used - this is the solution.

Contains the following mods:

Shard Diffractor SFX Replacement - Wisp

ArmsKore SFX Replacement - Tunguska Cannon

Colette SFX Replacement - Link Gun

Subata SFX Replacement

Deepcore PGL SFX Replacement

Bulldog SFX Replacement - Northstar

Boomstick SFX Replacement - Cedo

EPC SFX Replacement - Simulor

Weapon Sound Pack 1

If you find any problems, feel free to tell me in the comments, and I will try to fix them.




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Tenno_Skoom @tenno-skoom

I plan on making a single pack with all my sound replacements, and maybe class specific ones. But I also want to continue with the 8 in a row packs, so here is the second one.