Deep Rock Galactic

VRG - Full Virtual Reality Mod for Deep Rock Galactic

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Published by Alch3m1st (mod ID: 1507074)



Follow these instructions carefully to properly install the mod:

- Make sure you have played through the game's tutorial cave first

- Install SteamVR if it is not installed already

- Check the box to automatically skip the news screen if you haven't done so already
- Add -overridenohmd option to the game's Steam launch options

steam settings

- Make a backup of your Input.ini file located at Deep Rock Galactic\FSD\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Input.ini
- Unzip ( into Deep Rock Galactic\FSD\ and accept to override files (you should now have a Config folder next to Binaries, Content etc)

- Log in to with your steam account.
- Subscribe to the mod here


- Make sure you have the "disable outdated mods" checkbox in the mod menu unchecked

modding tab

- If you've installed everything, all you need to do is launch the game with your HMD on (ignore any Steam warning saying "Deep Rock Galactic does not support VR", just press OK) and click a button on your controller to get past the "press button to start" screen (button on your keyboard for Oculus Link/AirLink users). You will automatically enter VR when your dwarf has spawned in the spacerig.

- You have to start the game a second time before you can move/toggle VR with the right analog stick. The first time you launch it, it will install the required bindings


- This mod is currently in beta, you will encounter bugs, maybe also crashes, and things will not be as smooth as they could, but we're working hard on this mod every day and we're very dedicated to improving it to the best of our abilities, and trying to make it feel as good as possible! Join our Discord (link at the bottom) to keep up with our updates!
- If you are on Quest, the game runs overall better with Virtual Desktop. Link/Air Link has a few bugs like hands and arms holsters that are offset from their base position. Link is still very playable, but if you have the choice, better pick VD.

You might encounter crashes. These things might help to reduce them:

- Running the game in DirectX 11 mode
- Disabling the Nvidia game overlay
- Quest 2: playing via Virtual desktop instead of Air Link
- Don't press V while inside the spacerig
- There is a known crash that may happen when the drop pod lands. Some unlucky players have it all the time, others have it only sometimes, or even not at all. There is no known fix yet, some say it helps to lower the graphics settings, but we're still trying to figure out a way to fix it

Performance notes:

- Most people will want to set their Shadows, Post-processing and Effects Graphics setting to Low, you can keep the rest on Ultra without it affecting performance much.
- If Low settings still aren't enough, we heartily recommend using VRPerfkit. It's quick & easy to install and makes a good difference:
- The mod is tested primarily on Low settings with VRPerfkit, achieving 90 fps in caves on a GTX 1070 and 10 year old intel i7 on a Quest 2 with Virtual Desktop

Basic controls:

- You have 5 holsters: 1 on each leg, 1 on torso and 1 behind each shoulder (the ones behind the shoulders are thus not visible)
- Press the right analog stick to summon a VR settings menu, you can also summon the escape menu and recenter your height from there
- To open the different menus in the space rig, press left B when standing next to one (similar to flat mode with the 'E' key)

- Left thumbstick: walk around
- Right thumbstick: rotate player, rotate map while map is open

- Right B to mine
- Right A to jump
- Left B to "Use" (E in game) and reload
- Left A button to bring up the map in front of you

- Grab button when near a holster to grab a weapon
- Trigger button to fire
- With an empty left hand, hold left trigger to summon a useful menu
- With the map open, hold the Right A button and move your hands closer together/further apart to zoom the map (a bit buggy atm)
- To drink, hold your beer above your head and press trigger

- Hold the right analog stick for 2 seconds, or press numpad 9 when the game window is focused to toggle VR off/on


- Raise both empty hands for about 1 second to call Molly
- Raise the pickaxe and an empty hand above your head to Rock & Stone! (or simply both empty hands in the space rig)
- Wave a hand above your head to shout for attention and be seen from your friends
- Place your hand above your head and hit trigger to toggle flashlight on/off

Troubleshooting FAQ

Q: I cannot move or do anything
A: Make sure you restarted the game at least once after the mod installation (VR bindings are only applied the second time the game is launched)

Q: I'm stuck at a black screen
A: Press the right analog stick to escape from it, and after that disable loadingscreen masking in the VRoptions menu and restart the game

Q: I encounter visual glitches or jittering/stuttering
A: Launch the game in DirectX 11 mode (instead of DirectX 12). DX11 is much more stable and usually fixes all those visual glitches. You can select between DX11/DX12 in the Steam game launch window.

Q: My hands are stuck at my feet and/or controls aren't working
A: Seems like something went wrong when extracting Please watch the video above on how to do it correctly, i promise it'll work! :)

Q: I keep getting crashes
A: We are likely close to fixing these, in the meantime, check out the stability tips a bit above here

For help, news and much more, come to our VRG channel in the Flat to VR modding Discord server!










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VargalaSvett @vargalasvett

I found having some issues with the controls. I could not for the life of me figure how to give stuff to molly or use my zip line. But man im looking forward to this not being in beta. Because its awesome!

Alch3m1st @alch3m1st

The "interact" key (E in flat mode) is bound to the Y button (or left B, depending on which headset you are using). And you have to hold it to drop resources into the mule.

Ecksbawks @ecksbawks

Great work so far. Performance is better than i expected. However I am having issues with the controls on the old school vive wands. pulling the trigger often gets weapons stuck in full auto after letting go, and the sound effect continues after holstering. Not sure if anyone else is having this issue since i havent seen it posted yet.
Looking forward to more updates

Alch3m1st @alch3m1st

These issues are a bit concerning. Unfortunately, none of us have Vive Wands so it will be a bit complicated to fix. But we'll keep it in mind and maybe some testers from the Discord would be willing to help us debug that issue at some point.
Thanks for bringing it up

GaruuSpike @garuuspike

Mod is really fun! It gives DRG a whole new feel, and is a really authentic VR experience! Although there's a few game-breaking issues that I think need to be addressed:

1) The map. It is very short-range and only renders things in front of you. This is unacceptable when navigating large, complex caves, and god help you if you don't have Molly to guide you to the drop pod at the end of a mission.
2) Bosco's AI concerning heavy objects buried in rock is broken. He digs 1 time and then stops. This makes Point Extraction missions very painful.
3) When dropping or throwing heavy objects, they will often be launched upward and slightly backward at frightening speeds, also making Point Extraction missions very painful.
4) Traversal tools (namely Engineer's platform gun) sometimes stop working entirely. Swapping weapons, reloading, and resupplying don't fix it.

Lastly, the balanced manual mining fails to register hits 60-70% of the time. Using the mining button (which I like to affectionately think of as a shoulder-mounted mining machine) stops this from being a gameplay issue, but I really would like to mine stuff myself, because when it does work, it feels excellent.

I applaud you for what you've done overall. This sort of mod takes a lot of thought and effort to implement, and it's breathed new life into one of my favorite games. <3

Also, can I mention how much I love the crosshair still existing even though you're aiming your gun yourself? It gives me Metroid: Prime vibes and I love it so much.

Alch3m1st @alch3m1st

You can zoom in and out on the map by pressing the A button and moving your hands closer or further apart. It is a bit bugged still, but you should be able to do what you want.
Bosco not being able to mine burried objects is a known bug. We simply couldn't find the command to do that yet, but we'll dig back into it after other urgent issues (like some crashes) have been dealt with.
I haven't heard about traversal tool stopping. I'm an engineer player myself and haven't encountered that. Do you by any chance have some steps to reproduce the bug?
Also, manual mining is still pretty new and will need further collision improvements.
Glad you enjoy the mod regardless!

baymaxthemicrowave @baymaxthemicrowave

I'm having a problem with the game not loading onto my headset (when I start the game, it doesnt exit out of steam vr home, however, home stops responding when ever I am tabbed into the game, and pressing right thumb stick or exiting out of home doesnt help) could this be because I'm playing on index, or did I do something wrong?

Alch3m1st @alch3m1st

Index headsets are supposed to work. I'm not sure exactly what could cause this, it might be a setup problem. What it displayed on your PC screen at that moment? If you are in the space rig then it should show up in the headset.
If you need further help, you can come and ask in the #dr-help chan in our Discord, it will be easier to help you.

baymaxthemicrowave @baymaxthemicrowave

it displayed the flat screen version, with my driller in their starting room. Also, I cannot find the link to the discord?

Alch3m1st @alch3m1st

Here's the discord

Razumen @razumen

I'm having a problem in-game now where when I turn my head everything is very stuttery and visually jittery making it very unpleasant and hard to play.
I see the mod is on version 1.1.2, though it looks like there's a 1.1.3 out now, shouldn't the game automatically update to the latest version?

Alch3m1st @alch3m1st

A version 1.1.3 was pushed yesterday, but it caused a problem for some users so we reverted back to 1.1.2 for now.
For the stutter and jitter, you should try using dx11, it usually solves these types of issues.

Razumen @razumen

Yep, it was DX12 that was the issue, thanks!
Didn't realize I was originally playing on DX11 in VR then.

djdangerzone @djdangerzone

Thanks for the mod, really enjoying it, but after the most recent update I can no longer use my laser pointer in menus, even after reinstalling the controller binding .ini.
I am playing on an oculus quest 2 with no other mods.
Thats the only game breaking mod for me actually, I would love the ability to change weapon holsters or just swap sidearm with pick axe as I mine a lot manually and am right handed, as well as move the laser pointer away from the glowsticks so I stop grabbing it accidentally. Thanks again for bringing an awesome game into VR!

Alch3m1st @alch3m1st

There's a problem for some players with menus interactions since yesterday's update. We just reverted to the previous version, it should now be ok.
We haven't encountered the problem ourselves, it seems setup-specific, but we'll try to reproduce and fix it then push the new update with the fix.
Are you using Virtual Desktop, Link or Air Link?

djdangerzone @djdangerzone

I'm using the official oculus link cable, Setup is an RTX 3080, Ryzen 9 5900X on a ROG Strix X570 e-gaming, WD Black SSD, I did make some changes in the oculus debug tool, Asynchronus spacewarp is (OFF), Encode Bitrate is now (500Mbps), Mobile ASW is (Disabled), I also have re-sizable BAR activated from b.i.o.s.

Alch3m1st @alch3m1st

Turns out the bug happened for Link users. The new update was just pushed again with the menu interaction fix, it should now all be ok!

lokiss88 @lokiss88

I was getting this too, playing on a wired Pico.

If i went straight to the mission select i could select, but if i did the bar or character screen first id lose the ability to cursor select. Rebooting would solve it, playing today has been fine so far.

Vagrantchipmonk1 @vagrantchipmonk1

Alch3m1st, Kosro, HerrFristi & KITT_. I just wanna say I think you guys did an incredible job with this mod! Having a lot of fun with the mod and I just wanted to let you all know, thank you all! :)

Alch3m1st @alch3m1st

Thank you for the kind words, glad you enjoy!