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Vay Hek Nemesis for Deep Rock Galactic

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Published by Tenno_Skoom (mod ID: 2229868)



If you ever wanted the Nemesis to be a ridiculous overly aggressive cartoonish villain - here's a mod for you.

Replaces the speech of the Rival Nemesis with Councillor Vay Hek quotes.

Instead of luring you (which honestly never worked anyways) this death robot will now relentlessly insult you from across the cave system. That is untill you come into its field of view - then it will insult you a lot more and also scream incoherently and maniacally laugh.

There are a lot of dialogue this guy has. Some can never even be heard in Warframe itself, but it makes for a nice pool of voicelines.

I also shanged the cue for the idle lines a bit. It does not now intersect with the active voicelines (as is the case with the unmodded Nemesis), so that it does not speak over itself and make it seem like Vay Hek has a bipolar disorder.

If you find any problems, feel free to tell me in the comments, and I will try to fix them.





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Noxolicious @noxolicious

I wonder how many Dwarframe mods are there, and how many there will be

Tenno_Skoom @tenno-skoom

I have a lot of funny (but mostly stupid) Warframe mod ideas. Like replacing all perk sounds with ability sounds. Or replacing Mission Control with the Lotus ("Minehead secured. Change of plans, ignore your original objective, leave nothing alive"). Or making Grunts sound like Grineer when they die.

The problem is that it requires some effort. And I am lazy.

Also, the word Dwarframe is something I didn't know I needed so much!

Penndragon @penndragon

Now we need something in the game that reads Tyl Regor lines.

Tenno_Skoom @tenno-skoom

I was actually considering to replace the pinging voiceline for the Hek Nemesis for Regor saying "legless parrot", but then I don't think too many people even know where that line of him originates from.

And honestly I can't think of any enemy in the game which could fit in its voicelines the entire Tyl Regor in all his glory.

Tenno_Skoom @tenno-skoom

After a bit of testing I've added blank wave players as VividDragon suggested. There are 1/3 of blank players in idle cues and 1/2 in grab cues. This doesn't fix the problem, but makes it less annoying.

Tenno_Skoom @tenno-skoom

Ok, I identified a problem with the mod (finally).

It works correctly only if you are the host. The reason for this is that every quote of the Nemesis has its own cue, which has its own set duration.

If you are the host with the mod installed everything is fine, your game uses modded durations for modded dialogue. However if someone else is the host it is their unmodded game which determines the cue durations for the Nemesis, and it uses the unmodded durations which are much shorter resulting in modded dialogue overlapping.

I have no idea how this can be fixed or if it even can be (apart from shortening Vay Hek's dialogue which I won't do). If you know what to do about it, please tell me, I will much appreciate it.

VividDragon @vividdragon

One slight work around is you can add a random node to each cue (or make one cue with every line and copy that for every cue in that category) and add some extra inputs to the random node that don't have anything hooked into them. It will have a chance of rolling that empty node, playing nothing. So with a shortened duration you're more likely to have it play nothing instead while the previous dialogue goes off.

This solution does have it's own issues like if you're the host vay hek might be silent for too long. Though he talks for so long there's no way you won't see him coming if even 1 voice line plays lmao. But it could alleviate the trouble int he mean time.

That's a weird issue for sure. I wonder if it applies to any other enemy or if that's just a DRG audio bug.

Tenno_Skoom @tenno-skoom

That's a neat idea. I will try this on a separate hidden mod and maybe implement here if it works okay.

I don't think it applies to every single enemy (or any sound for that matter). Only the cases where each sound has its separate cue and it is duration based instead of being turned off by an external trigger (as is the case with soundtracks for example). The reason DRG does that I believe is so that everyone hears the same voiceline not a random one. But it makes things complicated.

L.E.V. @prosto-lucky

Try concurrency settings instead

Tenno_Skoom @tenno-skoom

What specifically should I try? I have max count in concurrency settings set to 1, so as far as I get it, it should only play one sound at a time. Maybe it is the Limit to Owner setting I should change? So far the box is checked on it.

VoidNoodle @voidnoodle


Immolation @balefirebombshell

>I also shanged the cue for the idle lines a bit.

Can you elaborate on this? I might have to integrate it into my own Sentry Bot mod for Nemesis.

Tenno_Skoom @tenno-skoom

Well, I am honestly not sure if it works as intended. But basically I changed the sound class in the idle cue from the original TerminatorSpeakMisc to TerminatorSpeakActive, which if I understand it correctly prevents the sounds from playing at the same time.

It requires additional testing, but seems to work for now.

Now that I am thinking about it though, it may be the sound concurrency settings that influence this rather than sound class. For every cue I checked the box "override concurrency" and set max count to 1.