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Text Commands Wheel for Deep Rock Galactic

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Published by DrillboyJenkins (mod ID: 1148865)



Requires Mod Hub and Retrograde Mod Spawner


Due to a tiny flaw with current modding tech, I don't have a proper way to manage key bindings properly yet. You have to reload scene for the input config changes to take effect.

And finally, it is here!

The first thing you will see in the mod's Mod Hub GUI is the wheels list. Here you can create new wheels, delete them and click to configure. It also lets you reorder wheels and select which will be active and currently available in the wheels switching list.

The button at the top switches you between wheels and input configuration. Don't forget to setup your inputs when you are using the mod first time. As it does not set few critical bindings by default.

  • The hold key is used to activate wheel and send selected message upon released.
  • Abort key lets you cancel wheel activation without sending a message.
  • Wheels cycle is used to select which wheel will be activated next time you press the "wheel hold" key. A small UI on the right will react to it, showing which one you selected and what are other wheels in the list for few seconds.
  • Commands cylce keys cycle you along an active wheel. They are not mandatory to define since mouse wheel scrolling is always used by the mod to scroll the command selection.
  • Hold To Cycle Wheels With Mouse Scroll - hold the key to use mouse wheel to scroll active wheel.

Wheel configruation menu lets you change wheel name. Then there are 8 buttons, each one sets menu to configure command in one of the 8 slots. You can add class overrides that will take effect if you are playing a class you have chosen to override. For example, you can have "Scout, light please" as a default command and an override for SCOUT that replaces it with "Plat, please" if you are playing scout. Default command text is used when there are no overrides for the command or there is no override for your current class.


Mod Hub
Retrograde Mod Spawner















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PaleMemories @palememories

Does this have any controller support, or any way to use it on controller? It would be a great QoL thing for me and the other 2 controller players if that's possible. :P

Qeud @qeud

For some reason, when I hold a key for wheel hold, my wheels also cycle through wheel.
like, both '1) my wheels list' and '2) commands list in a wheel' cycle via 'wheel hold' button.
It surely looks funky but I want my wheels to not cycle for practical use..
I tried: deleting mod config file in 'FSD\Saved\SaveGames\Mods\TextCommandsWheels'; reinstalling the mod; reloading the scene.
I wonder if this is only me.

Tiny_buff @tiny-buff

Seems like in someone else's room I can see this mod in the mod hub and use it, but when I host the game it doesn't work

DrillboyJenkins @drillboyjenkins

Weird. I don't have any idea what is wrong yet, will try to find one.

It would be cool if you downloaded Better Pickaxe Recharge Widget and reported the results here. If you do this, it may help me fixing the issue faster.

Tiny_buff @tiny-buff

I used Recharge Widget and then Text Commands Wheel worked whether I'm in someone else's game or hosting the game myself.Odd thing!

Tiny_buff @tiny-buff

I havent downloaded Better Pickaxe Recharge Widget,and i'll try it.

DrillboyJenkins @drillboyjenkins

I have uploaded a Retrograde update with some debugging added. Now I need you report all the contents of its Mod Hub page when the Text Commands Wheel fails starting.

Tiny_buff @tiny-buff

Text Commands Wheel works fine whether I use Better Pickaxe Recharge Widget or not,or host game or not.
Thank you for your update!

DrillboyJenkins @drillboyjenkins

Okay lol, really weird. I will leave it as-is, so that if it bugs again you can send here its reports.

Fun part I did not change anything in the last release, but the reports spammed to the retrograde's mod hub page.

FREDICUL0US @fredicul0us

hey mr drillboy Sir, i got the updated mod downloaded and applied, however it does not show up in the mod hub or retrograde mod spawner. restarted the game a couple times and deleted/downloaded/reapplied it with no effect. cant wait for this awesome mod to work properly again. thanks for your service mate !

DrillboyJenkins @drillboyjenkins

So, is ModHub working fine on its own? Does Retrograde report it spawned some mods?

FREDICUL0US @fredicul0us

modhub is working as usual, retrograde is listed in it, however it doesnt spawn any mods, neither text wheel, nor pickaxe recharge.

FREDICUL0US @fredicul0us

can confirm tiny_buffs reply, both mods work when not hosting

DrillboyJenkins @drillboyjenkins

U36 fix released, report here if you still can't run the mod.

Eric1650457122 @eric1650457122

can someone contact the Creator of this mod? it would be nice if its updatet for saison 2

Ganondwarf_DRG @ganondwarfdrg

They get an email for each of these comments, but they also works on many other mods in their free time, so this may not be the first to get updated.

DrillboyJenkins @drillboyjenkins

Actually, I do not get emails and I'm really happy with that.

Hopefully, I was aware of the mod not working since the d1 of U36 experimental. Unfortunatelly, it can't be fixed by simply rebuilding it for newer game version, this one and Better Pickaxe Recharge widget need some stuff to be changed inside the mods due to changes in the game code, that is the reason for the ongoing mod update delay.

Yet it always is good to have the issues reported. Just in case someone else tries to use the mod or the author did not face the issue.

simplacer @simplacer

Please update for Mod Hub integration :)

Swooz777 @swooz777

Incompatible in lastest version due to depency Retrograde Mod Spawner being incompatible.

beastbro9823 @beastbro9823

the mod isn't appearing in mod hub, the mod is enabled along with all of its dependencies but it won't show up

Кочан @kochan29k