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Swarm Control (AKA Swarm Size Control) for Deep Rock Galactic

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Published by NaturalBornCamper (mod ID: 1034406)




Some changes are coming up resulting from requests + new features that will break your custom presets. If you care about those, make sure to write down your values or screenshot them so you can manually re-apply after the updates.
These preset-breaking changes will release with minor versions - then major version
Sorry about that! New features are not yet implemented so savefiles will change :/


Swarm Size Control has been completely rebuilt from scratch. It is accessed by pressing the "P" key in-game. The main differences between the old version and this one are:

  • It doesn't require any of the 4 currently available mod managers.
  • Instead of the single version 1 slider for the swarm size, there are now 18 sliders (maybe more to come) that permit you to control various aspects of the bugs, letting you create your own Hoxxes experience. You can use it to fine-tune existing difficulty mods, or make all sorts of wacky combinations. Your creativity is the limit, so go crazy and experiment.
  • Compatible with EVERY difficulty mod (including Re-Forged apparently), as it will use the values of your installed mods as base for the multipliers, as opposed to using the vanilla game values in v1 (If you loaded Starship Troopers or Hazard 7, the multipliers from Swarm Control will apply on top of these). This means if you have Starship Troopers installed and you set a 3x multiplier in Swarm Control, you will have 2x X 3x = 6x enemies.

Ever thought about doing any of this?

  • Hazard 6 has the perfect balance but you just want more bugs?
  • EVERY disruptive enemy (Detonator, Shellback, Grabber, Menace, Warden, Bomber) on every mission as opposed to maximum 3 types?
  • Starhip Troopers ELITE is too easy, you have been complaining/bragging about it on Discord/modio and you want tougher bugs?
  • You would like to try Kursite bugs, Ebonite grunts, Fire bombers or even Lacerators in enemy waves?
  • Have Bet-Cs as stationary enemies?
  • Make securing a new cave an epic adventure by increasing the enemies waiting for you (Turrets, Spitballers, Leeches, Breeders, Nexus, etc)?
  • Fight a horde of a single enemy type (Only detonators, only Exploders, only Trawlers, only Grabbers, only Swarmers, etc, etc)
  • Create your own Hazard 8, 9 or 10?
  • You would like to see a Spitball Infector forest in every room without any of the other stationary enemies (Breeder, Nexus, Leeches)?
  • Very few, but tanky/spongy enemies to play with your focused damage builds?
  • Hazard 1 soft bugs, but in ridiculous amounts?
  • Have every wave extremely diverse with as many different enemy types as possible..
  • ..or have waves that don't vary, for example 20 enemies of the same type spawning in a wave?
  • Make those Mactera plague missions challenging by having more Tri-Jaws and Brundles vs regular Macteras?
  • Every mission feeling like lethal enemies?
  • Make those to-easy Dreadnought fights harder by boosting their damage and health?
  • Non-stop bugs spawning like in Bug Planet - Constant Conflict?
  • Missions where every enemy feels as strong as an elite?
  • Ninja-fast bugs to trigger your arachnophobia better?
  • Super fast enemy projectiles to feel like in a Star Wars battle?
  • Very slow enemies you need to kite around because they insta-kill you?
  • Have a longer delay before the first swarm to get nitra, then shorter delay between successive swarm?
  • HUGE armies of bugs, but longer breaks in-between?
  • Extremely fast but weak enemies?
  • Long delays between swarms, but large, unannounced patrols that sneak in from the tunnels?
  • Smaller waves but every few seconds like Point Extraction for a constant challenge?
  • No announced swarms, only unannounced waves (or the opposite)?
  • Super fast enemy bites with lower damage?
  • Extra enemy spawns, but without the extra Escort Mission flying rocks?
  • Increase the amount of Slashers & Guards for more challenge, or only spawn tons of Grunts?
  • Reduce or Increase the amount of Oppressors..

All of the above is possible and are just examples of the different combinations I tried.


  1. Open the interface with the key binding: press "P" on your keyboard
  2. Set the sliders as you wish, or load a preset
  3. If you increase the number of enemies spawning, they will de-spawn once there are more than 60. To avoid that, Activate "Set enemy cap" and enter your own desired maximum values, according to what your computer can manage at a respectable framerate. If you don't do this, enemies will de-spawn when there are more than 60.
  4. If you change Enemy speed or Enemy projectile speed, it is recommended the clients activate the mod as well, or there will be desync.


  • This mod only changes bugs statistics, it will never permit to change XP rewards or anything else to alter game progression.
  • Escort mission increase flying rocks can be overwhelming, you can use the mod to reduce their health% to ease things off
  • You should use the mod to improve Doretta's damage resistance if you make more enemies spawn or increase their damage output
  • You can use the mod Cheaper Resupplies if you're having ammo problems because of tougher enemies or larger waves
  • I will later on add my other mods in there (to adjust the resupply cost and adjust Doretta's armor) less mods to install!
  • I made my own interface and didn't use any of the available mod managers as:
    • I don't want to risk again having to rebuild my mod if the mod manager I use gets abandoned again.
    • I can update my mod at the same time GSG pushes a new update (No need to wait for the manager to get updated). If a mod manager becomes the "official" one and ships with the game, I will gladly switch over.
    • There are so many issues with modding lately, mods getting disabled and re-enabled, don't load, etc and I see many streamers struggling. So no dependencies = less issues.
    • ModHub should soon be fully integrated in the game however so once it ships with DRG, I'll migrate Swarm Control in there!
  • I can't deny you could potentially use this mod to make missions easier, but that would be a very inefficient and time-wasting way to gain levels. You'd probably get bored of it after a mission or two anyways.
  • Enemy types selection is in experimental, more things to add and improve.
  • Presets are in Beta. More to come and presets will also include enemy selection in the next release.

Thanks to PantsRWin for the EXTENSIVE testing/help, Jeslis and for all the QA, suggestions, advice, feedback and text corrections
Thanks to Samamstar and Buckminsterfullerene for their help when I couldn't find my answers online
Thanks to AssemblyStorm for identifying the conflict crashing the game when used with BetterSpectator
Thanks to SmartCookie for finding the cause of a bug driving me crazy while the solution had been in front of my eyes for hours


















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Chief_Wiggum1 @chief-wiggum1

This update is amazing! No more lobby restart to switch difficulties, great UI, difficulty presets... I love it! Thank you Naturalborncamper and everyone who helped making this mod!

midnightchrome00 @midnightchrome00

I ran into my first omen modular exterminator after the latest update for this mod. None of the health sliders affect it now.

NaturalBornCamper @naturalborncamper

Ahh, thanks friend! There were 2 health values that didn't seem to have any effect during out tests, we totally forgot to check the OMEN, will be fixed on next update :)

Pokeking @pokeking

OOOH! Very nice update! And I see you even have the framework for the presets to store enemy selection!

Zufil @zufil

Is it possible to add weak point damage multiplier? Also I absolutely love this mod. Thank you for your work.

NaturalBornCamper @naturalborncamper

You're welcome!
That's a good idea, I didn't really look in the code where is this, but I'll add in my list of R&D to see how it could work

midnightchrome00 @midnightchrome00

The "First Swarm Delay" seems to work a little differently now. Before the update you just released a First Swarm Delay of 1x and Announced and Unannounced Swarms Intervals at 0.05x would give the normal amount of time before the first swarm showed up. Could get a little nitra and do a little mining. Now I can't even step out of the drop pod before that first swarm is announced.

NaturalBornCamper @naturalborncamper

Thanks for reporting friend! I managed to reproduce the bug easily. I'll go investigate :)
UPDATE: On Haz5, FirstWaveDelay is 0.0, so even if you multiply it by 10 it will have no effect. Slider is then useless in Haz5. Not sure how you had it working before as the multiplying for that single value hasn't changed at all in the new version.
No matter though, I'll find a way to make the slider useful in haz5, it is bugging me now!

midnightchrome00 @midnightchrome00

Thank you for the response. Glad to be of help.


I would love it if you could improve compatibility with the Re-Forged mod! It appears that while no obvious bugs occur with both enabled, most of the custom enemy types won't show up if Swarm Control is on (with the exception of event based enemies, like dreadnaught spawn)

The "Custom Difficulty" mod seems to work okay with Re-Forged, but all I really want to do is double swarm sizes but give them lower damage resistance.

This is the mod I want to use in conjunction with Swarm Control:

NaturalBornCamper @naturalborncamper

Oh yeah, that's because of the latest changes where you can select enemies. I empty the enemy pool before enabling the selected ones to make sure there are no issues. I suppose I could only empty the vanilla enemy descriptors, but then I'll have to change my mod every time a new enemy is added to the game and re-compile.
I'll see if I can think of a solution


How about a toggle that disables the select enemies feature entirely? No need to empty the enemy pool if the feature is turned off, right? And you could hide all the related controls if the toggle was off

While it would be cool to be able to manipulate custom enemies in your UI, I don't know that I would use that functionality anyway, and an in-between where it leaves modded enemies alone but lets you mess with non-mod enemies sounds like extra work that ultimately might just confuse people

NaturalBornCamper @naturalborncamper

Hahaha, I just came back from a very boring event and the whole time I was thinking of a solution and came up with the exact same idea hehe. That will be in the next release, was thinking of have an enable/disable box for each section ;)

You might not use the enemy selection functionality, but other people do however, and asked me for more flexibility so that feature will definitely stay in there. I'll just add a switch


Oh, I wasn't suggesting removing it. Thank you!

Iscariath @isca2

How does the ennemy cap from Swarm Control interract with the one from Custom Difficulty ?
Let's say i have 120 swarmers & 120 ennemies in custom difficutly and 300 swarmers & 200 enemies in Swarm Control, what would happen ?

NaturalBornCamper @naturalborncamper

Your guess is as good as mine XD
Having 2 mods changing the same thing is never a really good thing, my guess is that the mod that loads last will have the change applied last.
If you're using both, I would recommend leaving the box unchecked in Swarm Control so that the caps are not changed, then you change them on Custom Difficulty instead (I don't know if Custom Difficulty also has an option to disable enemy cap changes)

Iscariath @isca2

Okay thanks for your answer.
I'll uncheck the caps in Swarm Control and do a bit of testing.

NaturalBornCamper @naturalborncamper

Oh, I misunderstood as usual haha, no worries!

ThiccThighs2 @thiccthighs2

I have no idea if I missed it but what does this put the official spawn cap to? I was running an Elite Deep Dive with 5.56x spawn multiplier and we had some bugs disappearing during a swarm. I have no idea if this was user error or intended. I am in love with how it feels to be overwhelmed though. Thank you.

Duplicate1 @duplicate1

Turn up your enemy cap

NaturalBornCamper @naturalborncamper

You're welcome :)
Check "Usage" section above, step 3. Should answer your question