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Published by GoldBl4d3 (mod ID: 1792770)




  • A centralized hub for modding user interfaces.
  • Space efficient design with built-in tab page support.
  • Easy to implement, join the discord for more information.
  • Press H or rebound key to open.
  • Replacement for BPMM.

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Is there any way to make the menu transparent or moveable/resizeable? Quite a few mods allow for moving HUD elements, and it can be a little annoying to constantly have to close/open the menu just to see behind it.

silentbuzzkill @silentbuzzkill

It crashes the game when you try to apply it...Does it need to be updated to current version?

bubbles24 @bubbles24

If a mod crashes the game upon starting then yes, it means it hasn't been updated for the latest season. Same happened with season 2.

Marine20 @marine20

update for season 3 please


in like 3 weeks ago the mod deactivates 2 mods of mine every time i start the game.
i dont know why but every time i restart drg my weapon heat crosshair and build inspector are deactivated...
that sucks.
please fix it somehow, it have to be this mod.

JohnWeak2 @johnweak2

Can you add the ability to bind stuff to the f13 to f24 keys ?

Coucougnette @coucougnette

Game crash when going through other mods tab.

BrizzlyBear @brizzlybear

Can't seem to open the mod menu with "H" or find the menu when pressing escape. Thank you for your hard work!

Program.cs @programcs

I might be missing something, but I can't seem to unbind a control. How do I empty controls that already have a binding?

samamstar @samamstar

You mean the Open Mod Hub Key? If you do that you wouldn't be able to open the hub

Program.cs @programcs

No, a mod that I use (SimpleQOL) that uses Mod Hub has a ton of controls, many of which I would like to unbind but cannot. So I was wondering if there was a way to unbind these

samamstar @samamstar

That would be a question for the author of SimpleQOL, not ModHub.

But as the author of SimpleQOL I'm happy to say you can right click to unbind functions :)

Program.cs @programcs

I see. Thank you! I figured it was a ModHub issue since it uses the ModHub interface.

GoldBl4d3 @goldbl4d3

Hi everyone, after digging through many issues with the modhub update I have decided to revert back to the previous stable release. The ultimate goal is to get modhub into the escape menu but that likely isnt going to happen until sometime during Season 3. The escape menu real estate we were given isnt setup properly for me to implement and has caused numerous issues. I apologize for the confusion. Any questions or bugs feel free to contact me in any way. Thank you all <3 Try to join the discord where you can chat with me and other modders in the community.

Sanchero @sanchero

Thank you so much, sandbox utilities is back to functioning perfectly again, I can even switch classes and try different weapon upgrades and overclocks without needing to restart the mission, it's crazy to me that all these issues popped up just because of trying to integrate the ModHub tab into the escape menu !

ZeeR011 @zeer011

Thank you for the revert. I can't say I understand the desire to put modhub in the esc menu but in the future if you do can you also maintain the ability to summon it with a hotkey as it works currently as an option? Some mods like Build inspector are virtually useless with how slow and clunky it is to have to esc menu and tab over to the mod hub tab. And setting mod hub as the default is equally as awful as quick checking the escape menu in mission becomes terrible and clunky.

Cookieio @cookieio

Thank you!

Privatize8707 @privatize8707

90% of Sandbox Utilities became useless because you can't see the Mod Hub during mission anymore, and it probably affect other mods too. I can't see the build of people joining a mission with Build Inspector neither.

GoldBl4d3 @goldbl4d3

The creator is aware that the mod broke with the new change to mod hub. When they update it im not sure sorry. Im trying to see if its something I can help fix.

Biffguh @bfg91

What was the point of changing the method of accessing it?