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Published by Wallcroft1 (mod ID: 2226715)



Replaces base-game audio with that of various songs from ProjectMoon games.

Boss music:

Blue Reverberation

The Red Mist

Kether 3

Plays between Deep Dive missions -> Lobby

Space Rig -> No warning (LobCorp)

End wave: Mining, Egg Hunt, Escort, and Elimination during the escape to the DropPod. Refining – once 100% is reached. Salvage – during both point defenses, 2nd point defense song continues until the DropPod leaves. Extraction – during the wait for DropPod until the DropPod leaves.

Angela Boss 3

2nd Warning (Lobcorp)

The Reverberation (Atziluth)

Main Theme

CueLooping plays in Refinery during the pumping stage and in Escort during Omoran Hearthstone when the wave music doesn't stop.

Malkuth 2

Yesod 2

Hod 2

Head, Eye, Claw

Keter 3

Reverberation (Atziluth)

Gebura 2

CueSingle plays during Mission Control announced waves

Malkuth 2

Yesod 2

Hod 2

Limbus corp - Abnormality combat

Angela 1

Tiphereth 3

2nd Warning (LobCorp)

2nd warning (LoR)

Cheesed to meet you! (2)

Children of the City

in Memorial Hall: Third Warning (LC)

In jukebox:

Everything from the "To Kill a living book" album - Mili

Fuzi x Mili: Victim

Summoning 101- Mili

Ga1ahad and Scientific Witchery - Mili

Paper Bouquet (The Executioner and Her Way of Life opening) - Mili

World.execute(me) - Mili


Jukebox songs can shut off before song finishes







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G41 @g412

Nice job on the mod but one problem: While i do enjoy Lob Corp and LoR i don't think the songs really fit DRG as they have no build up and just START when the swarm comes
Is what i would've said if i didn't listen to 2nd Warning and guess what? That one DOES have build up and it worked perfectly for the swarm.
IMO i think DRG follows a similar format to Payday 2 songs where it has a bit of buildup until the swarm actually hits because pretty much any mission with swarms aside from Point Extraction and Eggs has Mission Control warning you about a swarm and telling you they arrived and that is usually the time where the music picks up.
My suggestion for this , and i'm no audio engineer or modder so i wouldn't know if it is doable, would be to cut a piece of the beggining of a Floor's Battle Theme Stage 1 as a buildup and have it follow to Stage 2 so it has that lil' bit of buildup so it isn't SNAP to the song.
Also, Thank you for putting up the Lob Corp Calm Theme on the Rig, it really ruffled my PTSD.

Polando @polando

Awesome mod, I love it.
Are you planning on replacing all the in-game music with Project Moon music?
I think some of the songs are just a bit too loud but it could be just me.

Wallcroft1 @wallcroft1

Honestly cannot remember if i left out any songs that aren't ambience outside of some jukebox tracks, but jukebox would also bloat file size further and for whatever reason i cannot make it play the entire song

I didn't want to replace ambience as i felt like there wasn't really anything in PM's games so far that was non-intrusive enough to replace the stuff that the devs already have in

Which songs are too loud? i can change it up a bit, if you like

Xia7 @xia7

Love it, a lot. Was hoping to see a mod for this OST pop up. Amazing work.

It does seem that the volume of the music is quite a bit lower than the rest of the music in game, though. Makes it hard to adjust volume, because if you turn up the music to hear this mod a bit better - the rest of the games music gets really loud.

Wallcroft1 @wallcroft1

Update should fix this, thank you for your feedback