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Jozroz's Diggy Diggy Hole Caretaker Music for Deep Rock Galactic

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Published by Jozroz (mod ID: 2255354)



Replaces the default Caretaker battle music with an instrumental version of Wind Rose's Diggy Diggy Hole.

Requires Caretaker Phases Custom Music Framework to work, conflicts with any mod that also relies on this dependency. Volume can be adjusted through ModHub.

The instrumental-only version was chosen as I was concerned the lyrics could clash with players communicating over voice-chat. If enough people are interested I may release a lyrics version as well. Maybe.


Caretaker Phases Custom Music Framework
Mod Hub




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dudeperson @dudeperson

Lyrics version please, I have no problems communicating with my team while Caramelldansen is blasting into my ears so hearing this with lyrics shouldn't be much of a detriment.

PMR1 @pmr1

says its a sandbox mod

Jozroz @jozroz

That would be the Caretaker Phases Custom Music Framework the mod relies on to function. Follow the instructions there, it's mentioned in the description, I'll also get into contact with that mod's maker for a resolution.

UPDATE: The mod should be fully verified. Please contact me if the issue persists.

Ilay4 @ilay4

I download the mod and did 2 games without changing anything in game other than just selcting the mod but while I was in the game and fought a swarm + some genral fighting the soundtrack didn't play at all, why?

Jozroz @jozroz

The mod is created specifically for the Caretaker boss fight on Industrial Sabotage missions, so you won't hear it during regular waves and such.