Deep Rock Galactic

Larger Pipeline Repair Hitbox for Deep Rock Galactic

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Published by NaturalBornCamper (mod ID: 1119740)




Increases the hitbox size in which you can build and repair pipes in refinery missions, so you don't have to be pixel-precise.

No more accidentally grinding a pipe and getting launched away when you actually wanted to repair. Especially useful when pipes are in a dangerous area to grind, like next to a cliff or placed vertically.










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RiotControl @riotcontrol

One of the few times I can see where drg modding categories were poorly done. At the very least its approved so its not rendered to sandbox aka cheating saves.

Schäufele @schufele

Masala — 24/12/2021
Pipeline radius gave you something you could use in any lobby you join, and let you repair pipes out of the range of enemies. It's not respecting the host decision to run a vanilla lobby when people can join with that change, it makes sense for the mod to be approved
Simpler azure weald/hollow bough was to help framerates, they are the most complex biomes. Vines in azure weald were kept in because them blocking vision was seen as a gameplay element
Brighter objects is quite strong too, that might make more sense for approved also
!Repix — 24/12/2021
Ahh finally an actual helpful answer! Though I disagree with removing the visual parts, cause that does mean a lot for the overall gameplay here
I can see the whole pipeline as I haven't tried to abuse it
So I didn't know about that part
It definitely impacts it for me a lot, cause I don't know how many missions where I didn't get the secondaries because of them being blocked by vines, grass and so on
But again those ARE verified
I've questioned a lot of the approved ones in the past too
There are flaws here.. quite a few
Cheith — 24/12/2021
it’s not because it’s “op” or whatever you’re talking about
it’s because it is quite literally in the wrong category

copy-pasted this from the discord modding discussion channel

IcySkye @icyskye

Gonna miss this mod, I hate constantly grinding instead of actually building or repairing a pipeline...

Nelots @nelots

Oof. I'll miss this mod a lot, but I enjoy actually having players join my game, so I'm going to have to uninstall. Like sesselpots said, this system is such a great way to split and kill the modding community.

NaturalBornCamper @naturalborncamper

Same here, I unsubscribed from my own mod XD

RiotControl @riotcontrol

Why is this approved now? Its a great quality of life fix.

Kestrel26NrjjTiVeh43 @kestrel26nrjjtiveh43

now get nerfed

BlueSquido @bluesquido

Hopefully they will at least slightly increase the hit-box for it in the vanilla game. playing without this mod will be a very annoying change.

Shisa @shisa

Shame that they changed it to approved. One of my favorite QoL mods :(

SuzukiBo(JyoJi) @suzukibojyoji

me too :(

Alastair9 @alastair9

It changing is just strange. I would appeal if possible.

NaturalBornCamper @naturalborncamper

I already did appeal, just like I did for 2x flashlight multiple times but the devs never answered.

Alastair9 @alastair9

From what I read on the discord apparently the reason people are saying it should not be verified. Is because despite this being client side it is effecting people other than the client somehow.

Maybe a recent update changed something and it is causing the change to be game wide? If so fixing that should re-verify it.

Not sure if it effecting others is true. But that is just what I could find.

JohnWeak2 @johnweak2

why is it approved now ?

NaturalBornCamper @naturalborncamper

Huh? That's weird.. maybe someone complained this mod was a "cheat"

I got this message from Ghost Ship Games:
"It has come to out attention that based on the current guidelines, this mod violates the verified category guidelines and we have decided to assign it a different category than what it was aimed for. We have listed the reason below:

- Verified Mods must not in any way impact clients joining a server where the Host has Verified mods enabled
- Verified Mods must not in any way impact Hosts who are joined by clients with Verified Mods enabled"

Weird as it's a client-side mod, I don't know if a fanboy complained or something as it doesn't affect people joining your lobby. Sorry guys, another QoL mod that died, not sure I will keep modding for much longer.

ىlαѕнҽя☁ @l266twIZEkBdoOs

Like a larger hitbox for repairing pipelines is going to break immersion and game. Dumb mods over on that discord.
This mod should be OOTB feature from the start of the game. Without this mod you are riding the pipeline half of the time instead of repairing it.

Sesselpots @sesselpots

Yes, people complained about an increase in hitbox repair to keep the sanctity of the game pure - - Modding DRG didn't use to be this way, I went to play today not knowing this was moved to approved and waiting for people to join me for over 2 hours before I noticed, and this was the only approved mod I had on the rest were verified. Great way to kill modding, this system.

NaturalBornCamper @naturalborncamper

Ah, so it's whoevenplays that complained about my mod and got it kicked out of "verified" for being OP? That is a bit annoying, now I got to go back to raging because of that multi-purpose "E" key that often does the wrong action.

BLawless @blawless

Do you intend to appeal?

NaturalBornCamper @naturalborncamper

I already did appeal, just like I did for 2x flashlight multiple times but the devs never answered.

RiotControl @riotcontrol

I wish you the best. Its ridiculous that your mods end up being moved to approval due to potential purists not allowing people to have basic quality of life improvements on their client side.