Deep Rock Galactic

Health and Shield Numbers for Deep Rock Galactic

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Published by Gorflow (mod ID: 1664873)



Adds a numeric representation of health and shields to the HUD.


  • Ensure the mod is enabled
  • Restart the game
  • Uninstall all mods authored by me and reinstall them

Inspired by R𝒢𝒾𝓃's suggestion in the DRG Modding Discord.






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thanh1658653196 @thanh1658653196

please update


Can this be marked compatible if it's working so that in-game it doesn't get removed?

vizthex @vizthex

this does work with season 3, but it'd be nice if you marked it as compatible on the site.

dpanter @dpanter

Seems to be working with 1.37 (Season 3)

johnll56 @johnll56

Heyo! Could it be possible to move the numbers? I play with only my health/shield bar visible (can't see the dwarf's picture) and so the numbers don't appear where they should. It's obviously not important for gameplay but hey why not ask :)

PandorasFox @pandorasfox

Health/shield numbers aren't aligned correctly - I'm not sure if that's an issue because of my 21:9 monitor or what.

ZeeR011 @zeer011

Idk if it's possible and at that if people would want it packaged as a separate mod but a version of this that also adds health numbers next to my teammates health bars on the top left would be amazing too. Would be super useful especially with Ironwill so you can numerically tell if a teammate will need be to be picked up again after their IW expires or if they've run vampire or something and managed to get like 5 hp to stay up on.

LightCodex @lightcodex

Edit: Figured it out. I have most of my UI set to OFF or Dynamic, that includes the "Player Icon, Name, and Class" setting which collapses the Health/Shield bar to the farthest it can go on the bottom left. Turning that portion ON lined everything up. So, I'd like to request an option to have a position setting for when that widget is hidden.

The text is offset too far to the right and above the Shield/HP bar. I've tried all the troubleshooting you listed and it doesn't fix it. Is there a place to manually adjustment the text?

Sollux4Smash @sollux4smash

Will this mod be updated for Season 2?

Gorflow @gorflow

I've just updated it :)

Negatory.wav @negatorywav

I don't understand why upgrades for things give you numeric values for things, but in-game you rarely every see values expressed that way. How should I know that +2 damage is good if I don't know how much damage I deal or how much health enemies have? This is a necessary change in my opinion.

Larris @larris

Good mod, could be improved by rotating the text to align with the actual bars though.

TheGamerPlayz @thegamerplayz

Does this mod work for our teamates so they can see thier health/shield?

Toothpasteless @toothpasteless

Visual/audio mods that change the appearance/sound of the game can only be seen/heard by those with the mods installed. Everyone else just sees/hears whatever they have installed.

Penitence @penitence

I love the concept of this mod, my only feedback on it is that you should try to hide the numbers whenever the players health HUD is not showing on screen, so it's not just sitting there randomly. That would be when you load into and out of a mission, the hp bar becomes hidden so its weird to see the numbers there.

JohannesMP @johannesmp

Not showing up.

Citrus_etc @citrus26zmyfvisylsdo

Would it be possible for this mod to have the toggle hud button, also toggle it as well? Currently, if I disable vanilla hud, the health/shield numbers remain visible. other than that, 10/10.

CaliberPlex @caliberplex

From the looks of the screenshots it looks like a great qol mod, but its not working for some reason...

Raidra09 @raidra09

for some reason it doesen show up even tho i have it active

BuffSkeleton @buffskeleton

Only small issue I've noticed is the numbers display even when the HUD doesn't. Ideally they'd fade with the HUD, but that's a minor thing.