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This is the page for Deep Rock Galactic. Here you can find mods for the game made by others and also upload mods yourself.

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This guide includes our General Guidelines. description of Types and of the 3 Approval Categories with guidelines for how we determine which one to assign a given mod.


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Mods for Deep Rock Galactic are sorted by three factors: General Guidelines, Type, and Approval Category.
Type is generally set by the person or team that uploads and manages the mod - while Approval Category, as it appears on the page, is set by the us (GhostShipCrew).

You can read more about the Approval Process: Here.

This is a rundown of the different Mod Types and Approval Categories as well as our general guidelines regarding modding and what to do if you encounter a mod that crashes your game, violates the guideline or is not in the right category.


  • Mods that include mature content are not allowed
  • We will employ similar content guidelines in terms of offensive content as we do on our Discord server; if you can’t post it on our Discord, it can’t be on the DRG site
  • Mods need to adhere to all guidelines, terms, rules, and any other agreement you will have accepted when signing up to
  • Mods not violate our UGC Policy


Type is generally only used for sorting mods on the page and does not have any effect on Save Games or Server List restrictions - The exceptions to this are the types: Cosmetic, Visual, and Audio.

As a general rule, GSG does not review/assign Approval Categories to mods with the type Cosmetic, Visual, and/or Audio, since mods with those types are checked in-game against a filter that detects the files they modify and automatically assign the Verified Approval Category if they pass or the Sandbox Category if they do not pass.

Since the Approval Category of Cosmetic/Visual/Audio Type mods is set in-game, these mods will generally not have an Approval Category on the page.


Cosmetic: Mods that replace or modify Armors, Headwear, Armor Paintjobs, Skin Colors, Eyebrows, Sideburns, Moustaches, Beards, Hair Colors, Weapon Paintjobs, Weapon Frameworks, Animations, etc.

Visual: Mods that replaces or modifies items and lights in the Space Rig, the color of light in mission, textures on enemies,

Audio: Mods that replace or modifies music, voice lines, enemy sounds, SFX, etc.

Framework: Mods that work as dependencies for other mods.

Gameplay: Mods that modify enemy stats, spawns, weapon stats, game modes, hazard level, and other gameplay elements.

QoL (Quality of Life): Mods that improve performance or accessibility.


Approval Categories determine what level of Server List and Save Game access the player has with a given mod enabled.


Sandbox is the default category for any Mod uploaded to that is not a Cosmetic/Visual/Audio Type (see TYPES for more info) as well as the category given to any mod that violates the guidelines for Approved or Verified.

Note to Modders: Mods added to the game “the old way” will show up as 'Deprecated' in the Modding Menu and act as a Sandbox mod in-game.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Mods that dramatically changes gameplay elements
  • Mods that change rewards or mission payout
  • Mods that unlock in-game items
  • Mods that change the way items or resources are obtained in-game
  • Mods that modify the chances of special encounters or events in the mission
  • Mods that grants XP, player ranks, character levels, or promotions
  • Mods that instantly completes missions or mission assignments
  • Any mod that violates the guidelines for the Approved or Verified category.

Saves and Multiplayer

You can not have Sandbox Mods enabled on a Regular Save Game.

When you enable a Sandbox Mod or try to join a Sandbox Server, you will be prompted to create a Sandbox Save Game. This Save Game can either be completely new or a copy of your Regular Save Game. It is important to note, that the progression between your Regular Save Game and Sandbox Save Game is not shared. However, you can always make new copies of

While on a Sandbox Save Game you will only be able to join and host other players who are on Sandbox Save Games. Similarly, only Sandbox Servers will be visible to you in the Server List.
On a Sandbox Save Game you are blocked from joining players on Regular Save Game. You must disable all Sandbox Mods before you are able to switch to a Regular Save Game.

Note: You can not unlock achievements while playing on a Sandbox Save Game.

APPROVED (As in Approved for Progression)

Approved Mods are mods that have been reviewed and have been deemed Approved for Progression by the GSG crew. Approved Mods are mods that change gameplay elements and game modes but not to a degree we consider “cheating”.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Mods that add alternative or more challenging game modes
  • Mods that increase difficulty and enemy spawn
  • Mods that change weapon stats
  • Mods that alter enemies and creatures
  • Mods that moderately alter gameplay elements while still retaining progression in line the base game.
  • Mods that add features/props to the Space Rig
  • Mods that slightly or drastically change a player's playstyle

Approved Mods must not:

  • Modify the way in-game items are obtained.
  • Decrease spawn rates of enemies to below 1.
  • Have a function that instantly kills all enemies, prevents enemies from spawning, finish mission objectives, complete mission, or other blatant cheat functions.
  • Directly increase Hazard bonuses and/or mission payouts.
  • Increase spawn rates of and/or increase the likelihood of encountering special events like the Lost Pack, Cargo Crate, Special Enemy Encounters, or any of the Machine Events.
  • Allow players to filter mission based on special events Lost Pack, Cargo Crate, Special Enemy Encounters, or any of the Machine Events.
  • Increase spawn rate or directly spawn mission objectives.
  • Unlock items in-game that are acquired through assignments, spending in-game resources in the Space Rig, base game progression and/or through Special Events.
  • Modify the acquisition of in-game resources used for purchasing items in the Space Rig
  • Only improve stats by a significant amount

Saves and Multiplayer

You can have Approved Mods enabled on a Regular Save Game.

If you host a game your server will be tagged “Approved” and will only be seen on the server list of players who have ticked Allow Approved under the Serverlist dropdown: Server Mods.
Clients that join an Approved server will be prompted to install and/or enable any Approved Mods (and whatever dependency mods they require regardless of the dependency’s Approval Category) the Host has enabled in order to join.

This will automatically happen when the Client agrees to join.
Any Approved mods the Client might have had enabled before joining (that the Host does not have enabled) will be disabled.
If the Client does not yet have a account, they will be prompted to agree to’s Terms of Use, which they must accept, in order to join.
When the Multiplayer Session ends the mods Client had enabled before joining will be re-enabled and the mods that were installed and enabled in order to match the Host’s mods will be disabled.

Note: You can not unlock achievements while playing with Approved Mods enabled.

VERIFIED (As in Verified for Base Game)

Verified Mods are “personal mods“ that improve accessibility, framerate/performance, QoL, and Cosmetic, Visual, and/or Audio mods that have been reviewed to be Verified.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Mods that change fonts, labels, and UI to be more accessible
  • Mods that add extra key binding options
  • QoL mods that do not alter gameplay and/or playstyle
  • Mods that improve software performance without altering gameplay and/or playstyle
  • Mods that change character portraits or similar UI elements
  • Cosmetic, Visual, and/or Audio Mods that have been reviewed to be Verified.

Verified Mods must not:

  • In any way impact clients joining a server where the Host has Verified mods enabled.
  • In any way impact Hosts who are joined by clients with Verified Mods enabled.
  • In any way change gameplay and/or playstyle for the player with the mods enabled.

Saves and Multiplayer

You can have Verified Mods enabled while playing on a Regular Save Game.

If you host a server with Verified Mods enabled, your game will not be tagged on the Server List.
Clients joining your game will not be prompted to install the Verified mods you have enabled and you will not be tagged as “Modded” in any other place than your own ESC menu.

Verified Mods will not be disabled when you join a server.

In effect, Verified Mods are only active for you and do not alter the gameplay of any other players.

Note: You are able to unlock Achievements while having Verified Mods enabled.

We reserve the right to edit/add and/or remove the name and description of Types and Categories at any time, without notice, as we see fit. But are open to dialog on our Discord channel or here on - GhostShipCrew


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StygianEmperor @stygianemperor

Is there a basic guide on how to make mods? Or even just to poke around in those you have downloaded? I tend to learn best by reverse-engineering, though I'm not even certain of the path to which my mods are installed.

Buckminsterfullerene @buckminsterfullerene

Yes. If you are in the DRG Modding discord (, you can find the most basic guide here:

In the same channel there are plenty of other guides and tools you can then learn to use too, depending on which path(s) you decide to go down :)

CornisPopped @cornispopped

What is the game id for DRG?

TheInevitableLuke @theinevitableluke

FYI a quick way to find this for any game is by checking the desktop shortcut - it'll be Rungameid (with ID for that game ofc)

AmishJustice @amishjustice

"In effect, Verified Mods are only active for you and do not alter the gameplay of any other players."
Does this mean that Verified Mods that affect cosmetics/costumes will not be seen by other players?

Buckminsterfullerene @buckminsterfullerene


Toothpasteless @toothpasteless

so, the only way to host a game where everyone sees (relatively) the same thing is if they have the same cosmetic or visual verified mod installed before joining? Of course you wouldn't see specifics like costumes or paintjobs if they're custom, right? But would you still, say, be able to see a custom model for a glyphid or something? (just throwing a random example out there)

UltimateTragedy @ultimatetragedy

If you get an approved visual mod, then only you will see it. So if others don't have the mods, they won't see it. :)

king8-savage @cococarignan

Do we still get achievement if the mod is unknown?

GHILLIESSH33P @ghilliessh33p

I cant play sandbox on the xbox version right?

Fragarach3 @fragarach3

What status is "Unknown"? Presumably this stops achievements and progression? e.g. Doom Music

BiG10 @big101

how do I find out where mods are installed?

Erabyss @erabyss

Is there a limit to how many mods you can have active?

RichardKalinko @richardkalinko

For some reason it won't load the modding menus terms in game for me to accept, is there a way to bypass this in game to accept so I can approve the terms without having it load forever and not actually load?