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This is the page for Deep Rock Galactic. Here you can find mods for the game made by others and also upload mods yourself.

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Deep Rock Galactic - UGC Policy

UGC Policy for uploading content to the DRG webpage

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The website enables you to upload new content for the game (“Mods”)

First and last:

You are responsible for the Mods you create and upload or otherwise make available.

Any use of the editor and Mods is for personal, non-commercial use – and only with the game.

Please read the terms for using the editor and for our game.

What to create?

Use common sense when you create and distribute Mods. If a Mod could be illegal, or harmful or disturbing to someone then please create something else. If we or think that your Mod is not compliant we will take it down.

Using our content

We accept that you modify our content to create Mods for Deep Rock Galactic as long as you do it in accordance with our terms, the terms of and this UGC Policy.

Using other content

Even if we have approved a Mod you need to make sure that you have permission to use content that someone else made. If you found it somewhere and copied it, it is most likely the property of someone else. And then you need to ask if you want to use it in your Mod. If you modify what others have created, you also need to ask for permission.

We might not be aware of the contents of all Mods, and we need to assume that you have the necessary rights to everything that you included in your Mods – so please make sure that this is true.

Data Collection

Do not collect any identifiable or other data through your mod. Even if your data collection complies with GDPR and other local laws, we still do not allow mods hosted here to collect data through Deep Rock Galactic.

If you would like to collect some general stats for your mod using non-identifiable data collection methods then please contact us. But understand that it is very unlikely we will provide any exceptions to this rule. Do not just collect data from users using your mod in Deep Rock Galactic.


You own the rights to the Mods you create, but that does not mean that you can do with them what you want since the Mods are based on the Game that we own! That means that you are only allowed to use your Mods in a way that is agreed with us – and for now we will only allow non-commercial use.

Also, when you upload your Mods, you allow other users to enjoy them for free with our game.

This UGC Policy will be updated from time to time; version 0.3, 16. November 2022


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