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This guide describes how the Approval Process works, what mods are reviewed and what mods are not, and a checklist of things to consider/remember/add when uploading a mod.

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In Deep Rock Galactic an enabled mod’s Approval Category dictates who can join you and who you can join, how your game is shown to other players, whether achievements can be unlocked as well as what kind of Save Game you can play on.
How a mod gets its Approval Category depends on what Type the mod is and if the person/team who uploaded it has added a Requested Category to the mod and we ( GhostShipCrew ) have reviewed it.

This is a description of how the Approval Process works and a checklist of things to consider when uploading a mod (WIP), that (hopefully) will make it a bit easier to navigate the system and make the review process a smoother experience for everyone.


All mods uploaded to are by default set to Sandbox in-game (unless they are purely Cosmetic, Visual and/or Audio Type) and will only get an Approval Category on the page after we ( GhostShipCrew ) review the mod according to our Guidelines.

We ONLY review mods that have been tagged by the mod-creator with a Requested Category: [AimedForVerified], [AimedForApproved], or [AimedForSandbox] and that have a proper description of what mods does

Note: The Requested Category tag does NOT automatically assign the mod an Approval Category. The mod will receive the Sandbox category until we have reviewed it and assigned an appropriate Approval Category.

Once a mod has been reviewed we will assign it an Approval Category and remove the Requested Category tag.

If the Approval Category we give to a mod does not match the Requested Category that the mod creator set -
We will message the mod author directly on (or in the comments of the mod, if you have set your profile to private) with an explanation as to why it was given said Approval Category and in some cases suggestions as to what needs to change for us to allow in the Requested Category.

Special Cases: Cosmetic, Visual and/or Audio Type

Mods with the Type: Cosmetic, Visual, and/or Audio are (in general) not reviewed and assigned an Approval Category here on the page.
Instead the game automatically filters these Types of mods in-game based on what files they modify.

If a Cosmetic/Visual/Audio Type mod passes the in-game filter: It will be assigned Verified in the Modding Menu and function in the same way as other Verified mods.

If a Cosmetic/Visual/Audio Type mod does NOT pass the in-game filter: It will be assigned Sandbox in the Modding Menu and function in the same way as other Sandbox mods.

(We understand that it is annoying to download mods without knowing for sure what category it is, and are working on a way to back out of enabling Sandbox mods when it is being installed)


If you upload a mod with the Type: Cosmetic/Visual/Audio Type you should NOT set a Requested Category, since mods with the Types automatically are filtered in-game.

You should ONLY add a Requested Category to your Cosmetic/Visual/Audio Type mod if:

  • The mod is not client-side only

  • You want to ensure that everyone on a Server can experience/see the effect of the mod and have it enabled.

  • You deem that a Cosmetic/Visual/Audio mod that you have uploaded unjustly has been filtered into the Sandbox Category

If you give you Cosmetic/Visual/Audio you need to add the following at the top of your description:

"This mod needs to go through the approval process"

And then we will review it according to our guidelines. Otherwise we will assume the mod is auto-verified as a Cosmetic/Visual/Audio mod and just removed the [AimedFor] tag. You are free to remove that text from the description once the mod has received an approval category.


Besides the .zip with the mod, title, and thumbnail there are a couple of things you need to consider/add/set in when uploading a DRG mod to
- in order to make the approval process a smooooth process for everyone.


  • Read General Guidelines and ensure mod does not violate any of the guidelines.

  • Write a detailed description of your mod; things that are important to include:
    • What your mod does.
    • Whether the mod effects/can be seen by players who do not have it installed.
    • If your mod spawns items/enemies: A list of what items and enemies.
    • If your mod replaces items: A list of what items.
    • If the mod needs to be activated with a key command or in a menu: How to activate it.
    • If your mod contains a lot of tiny tweaks it is okay to generally describe them and maybe link to a doc with the specific tweaks.

      NOTE: Your mod will not be reviewed if it does not have a proper description.
  • Read the description of Types and Approval Category and consider what applies to your mod and what does not.

  • Tick off the Type(s) that apply to your mod.

If you have not ticked off Cosmetic, Visual and/or Audio in type:

  • Choose the Approval Category your mod is aimed for: [AimedForVerified], [AimedForApproved], [AimedForSandbox] from the dropdown menu: Requested Category.

NOTE: We ONLY review mods with a Requested Category.

If your mod does not have a proper description OR if we deem that your mod does not fit in the category you have set as Requested Category:
We will write to you here on (or in the comments of your mod, if you have your profile set to private) with a reason your mod has not been approved for that category.


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