Deep Rock Galactic

Funny Sounds For Da Bois for Deep Rock Galactic

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Published by HammerLed (mod ID: 2258720)



This mod is a collection of funny sound replacements for me and my bois. The mod is not intended for public use but still feel free to try it out regardless.

Note: the mod is currently sanboxed because I made a custom attenuation curve for the Dubstep gun which doesn't pass the auto-verification.


  • Replaced the falling voicelines to either play the Goofy yell, lego yoda death sound, huskey says "fuck", or the man screaming sound effect
  • A modified Dubstep gun (inspired by this mod) where I replaced some of the song selection with my own favorites
    • Also has a custom attenuation curve so that every dwarf can hear your bangers 🔥
  • Changed the minigun sound to be overlayed with Heavy from TF2 yelling things as you blow the bugs' brains out
  • Replaced the ping sound with Phasmaphobia's "here" sound effect
  • The jukebox now has an assortment of meme songs and bangers
  • The stubby firing sound is overlayed with the Sans sound effect
  • The Pheromone grenades will occassionally command you to "shoot your goo my dude"
  • The Zhukov firing sound is replaced with Tracer from Overwatch's gun sound effect
  • Inspired by the Eurobeat Combax Mix mod, the caves now blast Eurobeat during swarms
    • The main difference with this version is that the songs are synced yup to each player and I added Deja Vu in because that was missing for some reason
  • The windows XP shutdown sound plays when getting downed and the startup sound will play when getting rezzed
  • Your dwarf will occasionally yeet when throwing flares or grenades




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RagingRipto @ragingripto

If you're willing to separate some of these, i would love a standalone Lego Yoda falling sound

HammerLed @hammerled

Here you go

RagingRipto @ragingripto

Wow that was quick, thanks a lot

Korota @korota

Any chance we could get some of these separate like the the Heavy TF2 Lead Storm

HammerLed @hammerled

Here it is:

HammerLed @hammerled

Sure I can separate that one out

R3tr @r3tr013

Yo, any chances of reuploading this mod without pheromone grenade sound?
P.S. If it's possible i'll be greatful.