Deep Rock Galactic

EPC SFX Replacement - Simulor for Deep Rock Galactic

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Published by Tenno_Skoom (mod ID: 2238711)



Your plasma charger is now that reality-bending rival tech you use to get yourself some red sugar.

Replaces the sounds of the Experimental Plasma Charger with the sounds of a variety of weapons from Warframe. Most of the sounds come from Simulor and Gammacor, spin-up uses Convectrix sounds, light shots impact (and Thin Containment Field because they use the same sounds) uses Ferrox and Kinetic Siphon sounds. For overheat I used Battacor sounds.

Changes most of the sounds the weapon makes. Charging beeps are deliberately left unchanged, as they are used in other weapons. I may have left out some sounds (for example the one you hear before firing a small projectile). Either they are part of the charging sound, or are located in an entirely other folder within the game files, as is regreatably the case a lot of times with DRG.

If you find any problems, feel free to tell me in the comments, and I will try to fix them.





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PaleMemories @palememories

I read this as "EPIC SFX replacement"

Tenno_Skoom @tenno-skoom

Also a side effect I noticed is that (of course) it affects other parts of the game. In particular the Rival Patrol Bots seem to be using the small impact sound as their firing sound, so it is changed as well.

VividDragon @vividdragon

God damn when you seperate it from the thousands of dying grineer, mesa's chain finger guns, and wisps *** clapping in the background warframes sound design is ******* ace. I keep forgetting that.

Tenno_Skoom @tenno-skoom

Can't say I'm very satisfied with the small impact sound. Turned out more noisy than I expected. Be ready for some changes to the sounds in the nearest future.

Tenno_Skoom @tenno-skoom

The updated version is up. I made some changes to impact sounds. Hope you'll like it. Feedback is appreciated.

Farrington2 @farrington2

Sounds so good!