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Eventually came eventually ... I've migrated everything over to Mod Hub and Display Events is once again working as of the Season 02 update.

The most notable change is that you will no longer be able to view the events present in the mission until you have completed your main objective - this means this is more of a 'did we fully clear the cave?' kinda thing rather than 'is this cave even worth exploring?' kinda deal (this change was requested by the devs). I've also fixed up the issues with detecting Crassus/Bulks and added a new icon for when it's waiting for you to finish your main objective.

Thanks for using my mods, my other ones are much better. There's no way to make everyone happy with this mod's implementation, between those who think it's a cheat and those who use it to cheat. I don't plan on continuing to support this mod, so if parts of it breaks, that the way it's gonna be. (this mod is very easy to throw together as a baby's first Blueprint mod, feel free to try it yourself if you don't like how this mod is put together)

Management has upgraded your scanners to detect some more of those shiny rocks that you guys have been talking so much about. It'll also pick up signals of some other goodies ... but only when you finish the job we sent you down there to do.

Inspired by an older mod titled 'Show Events', this mod adds a series of client-side icons on the HUD, displaying events, minerals, or creatures present in the level. Navigate to the Mod Hub page for the mod to choose which icons you'd like to see, the size, position, and opacity of the icons on the HUD. By default, only machines, cargo crates, and lost miners are shown. Hold left ctrl to show the icons or press right ctrl to toggle the icons on the HUD.

This was my first Blueprint mod and is still kinda messy. It utilizes a bunch of stuff that I'm not very experienced with. There may be issues present if you are a late-joiner/not the host, but I haven't extensively tested this. If you run into any issues, please lemme know!


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nemzsigusz @nemzsigusz

i completed all objectives and couldnt see any events at all(and i found a enor pearl)i enabled them all, pressing right ctrl and nothing. then i went to space rig and saw a stopwatch in the corner
how does this work

Robojames @robojames

for anybody who wanted to use this to grind events, lost equipment, and cargo crates: don't be discouraged, you can still totally use it for that. just hop into a haz 1 solo egg hunt and speedrun the eggs, it doesn't take that long (especially if you're driller).

anxindejiangyou @anxindejiangyou

for a game that doesn't have an anti-cheat the devs sure are doing everything they can to keep this game as grindy as possible

D_T_M_Goldfish @donttouchmygoldfish

Suggestion: Add Golden Lootbugs, they are pretty valuable and that sounds like it would be a good thing to add. Also keep up the good work on your mods they are very enjoyable :)

Sutasu! @sutasu

>pretty valuable
Literally 90 credits my man

D_T_M_Goldfish @donttouchmygoldfish

Oh **** really? Thought it was more than that, yikes :/

Taurmega @taurmega

Unlike a lot of other comments here, I can get behind the "only active when the mission's main objective is completed" thing perfectly fine; it doesn't bother me.

But FFS, the devs tagging this thing as Approved is complete beans. Having BOTH of these things was unnecessary; the mission thing was reasonable enough and perfectly agreeable to keep it verified.

That being said, thanks for finally getting back to updating this one. Even if the Devs are a little out of touch.

Ewgene @ewgene

As usual the devs are pulling every string to keep their game as grindy as livingly possible. It was fun while it lasted.

Rogalit @rogalit

Please let the dwarves decide for themselves whether they want to choose the "did we fully clear the cave?" or "is this cave even worth exploring?" setting themselves.

HandDrawnNerd @handdrawnnerd

That's out of my hands. :) Just gonna have to play the game, it seems.

0_Waylander_0 @waylander18

And here i was, hoping, it'll help grind those frameworks faster. I don't know about others, but for me activation after completing the main goal is kinda pointless, cause you'll just find everything by yourself, which makes the mod useless. I guess, it is about balance, but the only thing i ever missed during the normal mission was lost equipment and it isnt that relevant also. Half a year worth of expectations went up in flames. Oh well... Good job anyway

isarl @isarl

As a consolation prize, just pick faster mission types? It's possible to blast through short point extraction or egg hunts really quickly and then this mod will kick in. In my experience, random mission events like machine events are equally likely to occur on short, small maps as they are on long, complex ones.

HandDrawnNerd @handdrawnnerd

Can't make everyone happy. Seems like you'll just have to play the game as the devs intended.

MYLEG! @myleg1


!!ZAP!! @zap26yn9pgykkaiuj1

I think It's broken. Please check

HandDrawnNerd @handdrawnnerd

I don't see anyone else having issues. Regardless, I don't plan on supporting this mod anymore, sorry if it does end up fully breaking down the line.

isarl @isarl

I'm not a modder but from your description it sounds like this mod should be easy enough to reimplement by somebody else, even if they don't have a lot of experience, in the event that this one breaks yeah? Maybe that's some reassurance to people reading this comment thread. :)

ExiMaster @eximaster

Would appreciate if keys could be rebound. Not every keyboard has Right CTRL nowadays. I had to use AutoHotkey to press Right CTRL and the mod just toggles some red compass in the top right. Pressing H, the mod always says events are hidden. Did the last 1.7GB update break this?

FanaticSpiritualist @fanaticspiritualist

Damn, I understand the events thing, but i was kinda hoping that you would be able to see the creatures from the beginning. being able to know a bulk is coming would have been mega helpful.

HandDrawnNerd @handdrawnnerd

To be fair, bulks are not that illusive. You can definitely hear them right from the jump. But I understand where you're coming from.