Deep Rock Galactic

Derp Rock Galactic v1.0.1 for Deep Rock Galactic

Released (updated ago). Ranked 829 of 2,936 with 1,555 (4 today) downloads

Published by Toe_NaiL (mod ID: 2254530)



Help The Newest Member of Deep Rock Galactic Derpy Hooves (from My little pony: Friendship is Magic) as She takes over as Mission Control!

She has brought a few friends with her to help.

Applejack is here to help you cart around things. (which is good because she kicked and broke Molly when it startled her.)

Rock expert Maud Pie has volunteered to run the Drilldozer. (We don't know what happened to Doretta. Maud will only say "Vacation" when asked...)

Lastly, Autumn Blaze is ready to serve up Drinks! She always keep her Boozes Barrels full. (We don't know here she gets it but insures anyone who ask that "It is not Pee").

Autumn brought with her a little Berry Punch Bobble with her and that is a lot of fun as well!

Addition: Added file derpymuffincontrol as a Version that is only Muffin Control Derpy and not the other models.

Mod was made by Toe_NaiL (AKA Mike)

All voice lines created with

Known bugs: Maud reverts back to default broken Doretta model when the DrillDozer breaks. This is an issue on side which I'm informed they are working to fix. The model does work locally in sandbox mode. Also, Mission control text remains the default in English until you switch the language off English then back again (may take a few tries). Again, this is a issue as this also has no issues locally but at least there is an easy work around.





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Acetheraven @acetheraven

but why

Omeng @omeng

I'd love to use this mod but seems outdated... please comeback!

NorrisTheSpider @norristhespider

It's hard going back and playing this game without the ponies after so long. I miss them more than anything

SergeantReckless @sergeantreckless

I'm hoping for an update. I miss her so much.

IDarkstarX @idarkstarx

How do I download the one that is only mission control? I'm new to
Clicking on the one in the desc returns an invalid link, and clicking the one under releases says to add it in-game but I can't do it there either.

Toe_NaiL @toe-nail

The file that is only Mission control currently only works in sandbox mode and is difficult to setup. I'll be working on a menu to turn off and on parts of the mod in the main download but it will be a bit yet till I can get around to it.

IDarkstarX @idarkstarx

Any update or still in progress?

GalaxiaShadow @galaxiashadow

Bronies in 2022

TiradeShade @tirade

This mod is cursed. It is the most cursed mod I have installed for this game. As a purveyor of strange, weird, and obscure mods.... this mod is so, so, so weird, and cursed, very cursed.

Let me lay it out:
>Bosco has been replaced with a standing, floating, dead-eyed, creepily humming, kirin pony. It acts like the ghost of a lost child, floating and singing, its ears BENDING and TWITCHING.
> Molly has been replaced with a stiff, doll like, glassy-eyed Applejack model, with legs that don't move but instead twitch. And when you call Molly she saunters up, knees twitching, sits down and you hear.... the whispers.... "apples, apples, apples". If this sneaks up on you in the dark, you can bet on a jump scare.
> Lootbugs are now Spike's decapitated head, his skin and scales stretched over a bulbous, hunchbacked form.
>Mission control is a sentient text to speech program attempting to act cute and impersonate derpy.
>Dorretta has been replaced with a model of Maud. Kinda cute, kinda derpy, pretty wholesome. UNTIL IT TALKS. It goes "rocks, rocks rocks" in a robotic but feminine voice, weird but fine. But then it drops several octaves and in its best attempt to sound like a murder bot from a sci-fi horror movie, and deeply extols "ROCKS".

The only thing that doesn't give me mixed emotions is the bobble head at the bar. Just a little Berry punch statue. Nothing more.

I don't know if I want to burst out laughing, start crying, scream in terror, or do all three. I can't decide if I want to congratulate the mod author, smother them in their sleep, or call an exorcist.

Be warned, this mod is hilarious, its awful, its creepy, its magnificent. 11/10 IGN, would download again this halloween.

GodSplitter[PL] @godsplitterpl

I have no mouth and I must scream "apples, apples, apples"

WhatHapen @whathapen

And the weirder part is, this probably wasn't even the intended effect. Why would anyone download this unironically?

TheChapster @thechapster

Ah man, I'm gonna miss TTS Doretta

ColdMeson06 @coldmeson06

A mod like this was missing for ages, it would be cool if we could customize what is applied, since I still would preffer the original dwarfs models


Toe_NaiL @toe-nail

Creating a menu to turn off and on parts of the mod is somethings I'm looking into and will likely start working on after the holiday weekend.

KOT3MAN @kot3man

Best mod ever

RadSea @radsea

Nice mod, bro

TulpSerenade @tulpserenade

cursed ponies

foospider2u @foospider2u

Love the mod would be funny if you made the mini mules Apple Blooms : )

SwissLemon @swisslemon

And big mac bet-c

iLlkeTurtles @illketurtles