Deep Rock Galactic

Deepcore GK2 SFX Replacement - Mausolon for Deep Rock Galactic

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Published by Tenno_Skoom (mod ID: 2244837)



Your dwarven gun is now a battlemech-mounted fully automatic recoilless rifle - how about that, huh?

Replaces the firing sounds of the Deepcore GK2 assault rifle with the ones of Mausolon from Warframe.

For reload uses sounds of Trumna, Kuva Chakhurr, Grattler, probably something else as well - I've been going through Warframe sounds for a while to find ones that fit.

Replaces nearly all sounds except for that one reload sound when catching a magazine with your hand.

If you find any problems, feel free to tell me in the comments, and I will try to fix them.




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pancole @pancole

GREAT stuff

ItsekulGaming @itsekul1

Thank you tenno! looking forward for more warframe mods

Tenno_Skoom @tenno-skoom

Well, not every mod of mine is necessarily Warframe based. There will be some though.

BloodyBane @bloodybane

Great job OP! Now, we just need literally any reason to ever use the GK2.

Tenno_Skoom @tenno-skoom

But it looks cool. And is satisfying to shoot bugs with. Sounds like a reason enough for me 🤷‍♂️

vegetamain @vegetamain

fantastic, the mausolon sounds incredible.

Tenno_Skoom @tenno-skoom

Now I may be dumb and miss something obvious, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to convert single gunshot sounds from other games into these loops DRG uses for most automatic weapons.

When I try mixing them in Audition no matter what it ends up as a mess. All I can do is resort to recording it in-game.

So let me just tell you, I was screwing around with that Mausolon for quite a while trying to record the damn thing shooting with somewhat the same speed as the GK2 in the sound files.
Ended up standing on one of those freezing platforms in the Orokin Tower to slow it down and then record the loop.

AzuPomu @azupomu

You can use single gunshot sounds by creating a new SoundCue for the GK2, just make sure the sounds aren't set to looping.