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Published by Gorflow (mod ID: 1599642)



Adds floating damage text to show how much damage creatures take.

This mod is client-side and can only be seen by those who have it enabled.


Q: Why is the damage text value from shooting a creature more/less than the weapon damage?

A: Weapon damage is affected by several modifiers before impacting a creature's health. These include armor, hazard level, number of players, weakpoint bonuses, resistances, and status effects. This mod displays damage text values representing the ultimate impact on a creature's health after weapon damage and all modifiers are taken into account.

Q: Are the damage text values consistently accurate?

A: Yes. The current implementation of this mod works backwards by checking creature health every game tick and comparing it against that of the previous game tick. That means that there is very little room for error, since the mod relies on in-game mechanics to do the heavy lifting when calculating how much damage a creature should take from an external source.

Q: What happens if more than one instance of damage is applied to the same creature on the same game tick?

A: A creature that receives more than one instance of damage on the same game tick will animate a single damage text for that game tick representing the sum of the damage received. For example, shooting a creature for 16 direct damage and 20 area damage with a Hurricane rocket will yield one "36" damage text animation, instead of a "16" animation and a "20" animation.

Q: Can you add color coding by damage source/type, or exclude damage text from other players' damage?

A: Not at this time. The current implementation of the mod is only "aware" of changes to creature health, and does not distinguish between damage sources. This may be something I investigate further in the future but for now it is not feasible.

Q: My question isn't included in the FAQ, what gives?

A: If you have any additional questions or comments about the mod, feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to me on Discord via Deep Rock Galactic, DRG Modding, or DM at Gorflow#3171.


  • Ensure the mod is enabled
  • Restart the game
  • Uninstall all mods authored by me and reinstall them








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LizardMan1 @lizardman1

This mod was working for me in Season 3 until recently. Now any time damage is dealt 999,999,999.999 pops up repeatedly at a rapid rate.

thanh1658653196 @thanh1658653196

please update this mod


Can this be marked compatible for 1.37 if it's working?

dpanter @dpanter

Seems to be working with 1.37 (Season 3)

edit: I have no idea why some people are downvoting this comment. If you disagree or have issues, share your experience instead. It's working perfectly for me.

Tarmsabye @tarmsabye

Loving this mod. Please update this mod for SS3 pretty please.

HydraBite @hydrabite

is there a mod, or can you add another mod that tracks total damage, and puts it on the scoreboard end game to have fun for most team dmg comparison

xzerozal @3242dsfsf

should have an option to disable it on certain guns, like the engies lazer since u cant see anything with all the numbers from far

摘一朵月亮 @na26YL5IvYgzrIwZ

Will this mod reduce FPS?

[ITA]Wylvexs @itawylvexs

i confirm that this mod can reduce fps, when there are a lot of bugs and you (and your temmates) are using AoE guns the fps can drop, even a lot

TsEndereBrine @tsenderebrine

can also confirm. uses calculations i think to show the numbers and stuff to show on the screen. a clusterfuck of numbers becomes pretty laggy, but i'd say it's worth it absolutely.

TheCrius @thecrius

Trigger error on load.
"Mod Spawn Failsafe":
"Would you like to run the failsafe to respawn these ModInits?"

TeamCaffeine @teamcaffeine

Any chance this will get an update to work with Season 2?

Gorflow @gorflow

Done :)

TeamCaffeine @teamcaffeine

Great work! Thank you!

CaptainKnuckes @captainknuckes


AzureStorm505 @azurestorm505

This, 'Ammo ressupply indicator' and 'Live mission stat tracker' crashes my game. In Season 2. Don't know why, is it because of some bug in game or new version of UE.

Gorflow @gorflow

Thanks for the heads up, I've updated this and the rest of my mods to compatible with Season 2/Update 36.

Ante5 @ante5

Great mod. I hope you'll be able to find a way to add the ability to only show your own damage without it being too cumbersome. Definitely good as it is now though.

GoldenWinWord @goldenwinword

broken i think

Xakorik @xakorik

Yeah, broken for me too

GoldenWinWord @goldenwinword

Found out how to fix it, unsubscribe to mod that changes weapon dmg value or overclock that is outdated