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Cryo Cannon SFX Replacement - Tastes Like Warframe for Deep Rock Galactic

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Published by Tenno_Skoom (mod ID: 2246843)



Your cryo cannon is now... what the hell even is this?

Replaces the sounds of Cryo Cannon with a mixture of various Warframe sounds.

This thing is all over the place. The firing alone includes the sounds of Chroma, Glaxion, Ignis Wraith (which is a flamethrower yea), Phantasma and Photor.

Other honorable mentions - Exploiter Orb, a big freaking Grineer cannon (that's for the Overclock) and Cortege.

Changes the sounds the weapon itself makes, not the sounds of impacts (those are reused in other places). Also replaces the firing sounds for the Ice Spear and Snowball Overclocks.

If you find any problems, feel free to tell me in the comments, and I will try to fix them.




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Exicide @exicide

as soon as this is verified (i hope) i'm definitely using this, love warframe

Tenno_Skoom @tenno-skoom

Well it is verified, or rather auto-verified, because it is a sound mod

Edit: I just went through my mods and added the Auto-Verified tag to them. Yes, I do feel stupid for not doing that much earlier.

Exicide @exicide

Just saw the reply, thanks! I was always a tad confused on how the tags worked, but thank you for letting me know! I'm hesitant only because there are some people who claim its a sound mod while also changing a random aspect to make a save Sandbox mode.

Thanks for the heads up again though!

VividDragon @vividdragon

holy **** this is REALLY good. Great choice of sounds!

Tenno_Skoom @tenno-skoom

This mod is largely experimental.
Not only does it not have a single theme (cause there's nothing that sounds quite like the Cryo Cannon anywhere in Warframe). It is also my first weapon mod that actually replaces cues as well as sound files (i've only done cue replacement for music and dialogue so far). So it may sound incorrectly. Please tell me here or leave a message if you notice it doesn't work properly.

AzuPomu @azupomu