Deep Rock Galactic

Cosmetic Restriction Remover for Deep Rock Galactic

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Published by BongoSkaggs (mod ID: 1158356)



Removes the flags that prevent the game from allowing the player to apply the default weapon framework, weapon paintjob & armor paintjobs to other frameworks within that class. And also allows all pickaxe parts to be used in both blade slots. This allows all players to see your swag. Also unlocks the old DRAK-25 paintjob for use.

Fourth Relic paintjob on Neon Band framework.
Gunner Mk5 paintjob on Scale Brigade armor.
Stubby Voltaic SMG paintjob on GK2.
Dual Drift Crusher back blades.

The stock weapon paintjobs however can only be seen by those who also have this mod installed.

Now with (fixed!) support for Bosco paintjobs. Thanks again lt_parsons!

Now with the ability to allow competitionists to actually access to all of their paintjobs. Thanks again, again lt_parsons!

NOTE: This mod does not allow the player access to cosmetics they do not already own.

Please try resetting your game if you are having any issues.
















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LiteralElliptical @literalelliptical

Ever since I downloaded the mod the forge camera drifts then zooms out awkwardly while it's playing. Disabling the mod does not change anything. There a fix to this?

TulpSerenade @tulpserenade

is it possible to paint the armor with weapon paintjobs?

papahemmy @papahemmy

Can other people who don't have the mod see the weapon skins if you're a client? Or is it only if you're host?

The_Broker @the-broker

Depends on the weapon skin. For example, everybody can see the GK2 with the Fourth Relic Framework and the Custom Engineered Paintjob. However, only people with the mod can see the GK2 with the Fourth Relic Framework and the Warthog Paintjob. People without the mod would see the GK2 with the Fourth Relic Paintjob.

As for clients and hosts, I do not think it alters anything.

SacredSpirit1337 @sacredspirit1337

Does this mod disable achievements, or not? Can other players see your modded Pickaxe? The line, “also allows all pickaxe parts to be used in both blade slots. This allows all players to see your swag.” implies they can.

The_Broker @the-broker

As a verified mod, this does not disable achievements. Everything in this mod can be seen by players who do not have this mod with the exception of the newest addition (using weapon's default paintjobs on other weapons).

SacredSpirit1337 @sacredspirit1337

Awesome! Now if only there was a way to get custom, all-new paintjobs without overwriting existing ones…had my eye on the Dark Future Pick and Doretta Armor conversion mods, in particular, for my Gunner and Driller, respectively.

JimAdmin @jimadmin

awesome update, always love more options. Do wish the effects were seen by others, but I'm not complaining.

SacredSpirit1337 @sacredspirit1337

Apparently most of the features are!

ITSYOHANE @itsyohane

A while back there was a bug that allowed any armor paintjob to be applied to any armor regardless of class (EG Driller armor paint on Gunner armor).

Is it possible to somehow bring that back? The patch made it so you couldn't get any bugged armor paints from lost helmets and also removed them from your inventory if you had any but it might be doable and could triple the amount of fashion options.

The_Broker @the-broker

AzuPomu's Custom Armor Paintjobs (Verified) has this as its main function, but it is currently not updated for Season 02. Once the Vanity framework resource is released, hopefully that mod will be made visible again.

The_Broker @the-broker

Nice update! Some of the new combinations with the stock paintjobs are really cool.

I am positive this isn't fixable, but I just thought I'd bring this up regarding the stock paintjobs: unlike all of the other components included in this mod (the armor MK paintjobs, the weapon framework paintjobs, and the pickaxe backblades), people who do not have this mod will see the selected weapon+framework's true default paintjob and not the one selected. Example: A Scout's Deepcore GK2 with the MegaCorp framework and the LOK-1 paintjob when seen by a player who does not have this mod will instead see the MegaCorp paintjob.

Just to empathize I am not complaining about this, especially since I do not believe it can be fixed, but I thought I would share this fact.

Jpzarde @jpzarde

That's useful info! TY for sharing.

Red_Phantom @red-phantom

is there any possibility of having stock colors shared between everything?

kRÄKS1 @krks1

Would it be possible to include the hospital gown paints in this?

CherryRook @darkangel1

Not sure what happened but i can no longer select the other default paint jobs (Like Mk1 and so on) on other armor. It was still working yesterday. Pickaxe parts are still working

Nixrin @nixrin

I had this issue; but after I restarted the game it was fixed.

CherryRook @darkangel1

You are right after starting the game it seems to work again. Thank you ! Not sure what causes this tho i'v never had this problem in the 2 months i'v been using this mod

MadamDiggington @apexlegend1

This mod makes my beard vibrate in a violent manner. It makes it unpleasing to look at. Splendid mod, but the vibrating beard makes me anxious when looking at myself in the mirror. Choosing the right style to fight bugs in, and admiring myself when turning from a mission has turned from moments of joy and pride to into shame and anxiety. Is there something wrong with me? Why does my beard vibrate? Does it want to escape? Have I not treated it kindly? I put it in ringed gems, yet it waggles about trying to get free. Is this just representative of all dwarves desires to break free from the corporate life and start their own mining company on Hoxxes VIII?

Suffice to say, it would be lovely if you could investigate and prevent my beard from gaining sentience when I wish to wear a different coloured pair of pantaloons.

Yours Sincerely,
Madam Diggington

JohnDeepRock @johndeeprock

Logged in today and yes the beard was alive and dancing on my face

Gehrdun @gehrdun

I think thats just an in game bug, ive had that too with no mods.

MadamDiggington @apexlegend1

Whack. It's hyper annoying.